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Top 5 Most Common Residential Uses Of Solar Energy

Top 5 Most Common Residential Uses Of Solar Energy

These days, there are many practical ways to make use of solar power in your house. Going solar doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to spend a lot of money to install solar panels. Instead, you can choose from a variety of solar-powered units to serve essential purposes in your daily life.

1. Solar-powered ventilation fan

Having ventilation fans in your home can be a great solution to reduce the cooling expenses by removing hot air from your attic and other spaces. These units are traditionally wired into electrical currents, which can defeat the energy-saving purposes. However, you can now purchase independent roof-vented fans which have small photo-electric panel cells to operate the motor without household electrical currents. These models are great for keeping a doghouse, shed, or garage cool during the summer.

2. Solar heating in the swimming pool

Immerging in swimming pools is one of the greatest activities in the summer for parents and kids alike. Everyone gets excited when the pool opens, except when it is too cold to swim. To resolve this issue, you could have a solar blanket which helps to warm up the water. This is a passive heating unit that simply works by absorbing the sunlight and transmitting it to water. For a more high-tech option, you could set up a full-fledged heating system. It can make use of solar panels and increase the temperatures in the pool.

3. Solar-powered pumps

Many hot-water heating systems need a pump to transmit water to a holding tank. These units are often powered by electrical services, which might consume a lot of energy. To maximize energy saving, you would run these pumps with solar power with the application of photo-electric panels. They can produce the necessary power to operate DC motors for circulating pumps.

4. Charging batteries by solar power

Nearly all devices which run on batteries could be charged with solar energy through some types of photo-electric panel systems. These units can produce DC currents, which have the same form in most batteries. Many inexpensive and basic solar panels also have connections which enable you to connect with laptops, pad devices, and cell phones for direct charging. By adding am inverter which helps convert DC to AC currents, you could also connect the chargers for batteries. On a larger scale, a large area of solar panels could charge the entire area of storage batteries which could power almost all 120V AC devices.

5. Cooking with solar energy

You could also use solar power to cook your daily meals. Even though it might be a new method, cooking with power from the sun is much simpler than you might think. With a pan, box, cooking bag, aluminium foil, thermometer, Styrofoam, and duct tape, you could cook in no time. The most important thing about a solar cooker is creating a container which is lined with foil or shiny substances to focus the sunlight into a chamber.