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Factors To Consider Before Installing Solar Energy Systems In Your Home

Factors To Consider Before Installing Solar Energy Systems In Your Home

Electricity plays a vital role in the wellbeing of human beings. There are very many sources of electricity today. Some of these sources are unfriendly to the environment while others are friendly.

Over the years man has been trying to invent clean and more efficient energy sources because global warming is on the rise. One of the best innovations that had happened to the world is the invention of solar energy.

In this article, you will learn some of the key factors to consider before installing a solar energy system in your home. Keep reading the guidelines below.


The first aspect to look at before making a decision on installing a new energy panel system is the energy efficiency of the solar panel system. Make sure that you invest in a high-efficiency solar panel. When we are talking about the solar panel efficiency, we mean the ratio in percentage of the energy from the sun.

For instance, if your solar panel can capture half of the energy supplied by the sun, then the panel efficiency is 50%. Now, in reality, most conventional solar panels have efficiencies ranging from 12% up to over 21%. In this case, you can choose to buy a solar panel with an energy efficiency of about 15% and above.

You should understand that the more the efficiency of the panels, the more the watts you get. Although high-efficiency solar panels are costly they are worth the money. If you want to install a solar energy system as an alternative to the grid energy, then you can invest in low-efficiency panels. However, for those who want to install a solar energy system as the sole source of electricity, it is vital to invest in a high-efficiency solar panel.

What to Look out for in the Best Solar Panel Installers

What to Look out for in the Best Solar Panel Installers

If you have decided that you are going to tap solar energy, then you have made the right decision. Solar energy is not only cost-effective but also a super way of taking care of the environment. So if you are among the few people who are keen to protect the environment, then you will find it wise to install solar panels in your home.

However, you should understand that installing the solar panels require a well-qualified company to handle the task. Here, is where many people get problems. The fact that there are many solar installers in the business makes it hard for many people to identify the right installer. However, if you spend a lot of time doing your research, it becomes easy for you to choose the best services provider. The following are essential things that you look out for in a good solar energy installer.


The first thing is to look at expertise. Does the company that you want to hire have expertise in installing solar panels? If yes, do they have a professional portfolio that they can use to convince you that indeed you are looking for people like them? These are some of the questions that will guide you in making an informed decision. Apart from that, you need to ensure that the installer that you are dealing with is fully certified.

Track Record

Before choosing a solar installer company, you need to ensure that your critical look at the work that they have done in the past. This is important because it gives you a hint on what to expect if you choose to work with such a company. If the solar installer is known for doing a good job, then you can trust them to do the same for you. The online reviews will give you all the information that you need to know about the reputation of the installer.

Quality of the Equipment

Another essential factor that you should always pay special attention to is the quality of the solar panels that the company uses. A good solar installer should always focus on giving you quality services that will not leave you regretting. Perhaps you are wondering how you can ascertain the quality of the solar panels and equipment offered by the installer. Well, it is easy, first, you need to do your homework and also, the price of the products can tell you more about their value.